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September 14, 2014
"The Nature of Sin"
Genesis 3:1-7

Intro: Been studying Genesis, answering question "Why did God create humans?" Four reasons: 1) God created the heavens and earth to provide a place where we could safely, fully experience the blessing of being in relationship w/Him! 2) God created us to be His mirrors, to reflect His glory to the world. 3) God created us to work, to rest for His glory. 4) God created us for relationships. Today, changing the question! Genesis 1-2 present God creating a world where humans were in perfect relationship w/Him, each other, and nature. Not our world today! Genesis 3: "Where did it all go wrong?" Simple answer: Sin entered our world. We'll be taking a few weeks to discuss how sin came into world and the tragic results. Today, going to discuss what the nature of sin is. Once we understand what sin is, we'll see why sin in our world, and in us, is bad news.

What Does Sin Taste Like? Full-color picture in magazine of a piece of cake; "sinfully delicious, guilt-free desserts!" "Sinful" = yummy food that is bad for us. Wonder: If we could craft sin into an actual food, what would it taste like? Sweet; salty; fruity; sour; bitter; bland? Texture: Smooth, crunchy, chewy? Roll it around on your tongue? Get it stuck in your teeth? Adam and Eve can help answer the question, "What does sin taste like?" God told them they could freely eat from any tree in Garden. Only one exclusion: (Read Genesis 2:16.) When Adam and Eve ate the fruit, they rebelled against God. Sin is any action, attitude opposed to God and His commands. Adam & Eve chose to taste sin!

Sin Looks and Tastes Good! Restaurant, first experience of food begins when waiter sets plate in front of you. You see colors, smell aroma, hear food sizzling, hear the waiter say, "Incredible dish." Before you taste it, food looks, smells, sounds good! We experience sin in the same way. (Read Genesis 3:5-6.) Snake tells woman how good the fruit is. Eve looks and notices fruit looks good! When we are tempted to sin, sin looks beautiful, smells exciting; everything around, w/in us shouts: "This is fun...great! Dive in! Enjoy!" First thing we learn about sin in Bible is that it looks and tastes good. Surprised? "Pastor, I thought you were anti-sin!" Bible tells the truth about everything; Bible says sin brings pleasure. (Read Hebrews 11:25.) "Pleasures of sin!" But notice: "For a short time!" Sin is enjoyable, but not for long. Sin's pleasures are short lived; never satisfy. Sin disappoints because it's deceitful! Sin looks and tastes good...for a short time.

Sin Only Comes in Biggie Size! Sin looks and tastes good, but when Adam and Eve tasted the forbidden fruit, they bit off more than they could chew! No such thing as a little taste of sin. Sin snowballs! Look how quickly sin multiplies! (Read Genesis 3:6.) Eve took the fruit and ate it. Sin #1! She gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it. Sin #2! They heard God coming, and they hid from Him. Another sin! When God confronts them, they blame others. Adam: "It's the woman's fault, and it's Your fault, God!" Eve: "It's the snake's fault!" They are lying, denying their responsibility, right to God's face! Piling one sin on top of another! Like the potato chip ad, you can't stop w/just one sin. Back in the restaurant, let's say I order the "Sin Platter." Waiter brings my order; surprise! The dish is huge! Sin only comes in biggie-size. It's too much, but waiter says, "No doggie bags! You have to swallow the whole thing right now." When you sin, you're biting off more than you can chew!

Sin Has Hidden Ingredients! Sin looks and tastes good at first, but it's too much to swallow! Something else we need to learn: Sin has hidden ingredients! (Read Genesis 3:7.) For first time, because of sin, humans experience shame, insecurity, defensiveness, alienation. As Adam and Eve's children, we've inherited their enslavement to sin; we've swallowed sin and all its hidden ingredients! Along w/sin, we swallow guilt, blame, fear, shame, confusion, corruption, disappointment. It's all in the tiniest act of rebellion against God! Not only that, but sin has many hidden ingredients which are gross. Sin, by its very nature, is dirty, polluted, filthy. (Read Isaiah 64:6.) Heb. word actually pictures unclean undergarments. Sin is as icky as dirty underwear. How else is sin described? (Read 2 Peter 2:21-22.) Pig pen, vomit, dirty underwear; pictures of how gross sin is. Not very appetizing! Sin has hidden ingredients we don't know about. Back in restaurant: "Waiter, there's a fly in my soup!" "Of course, sir, there are many flies; that's what gives our soup its distinct flavor!" If we grasped how gross sin is, maybe we'd begin to lose our appetite for it. When we sin, we're biting off more than we can chew!

Sin Has a Killer Aftertaste! Sin looks and tastes good at first. But sin is too much to swallow, and it has disgusting hidden ingredients, so we'll never have lasting satisfaction from sin. One final lesson to learn: Sin has a killer aftertaste. (Read Job 20:12-16.) Please listen! God is telling us what He told Adam and Eve: "If you eat this forbidden fruit, you will certainly die!" Sin is deadly. Sin is sweet, like candy. But this candy is addictive, like a drug. And this drugged candy is poisoned, so it will kill you. The poison of sin is 100% effective! Change the picture: Some hunters bait traps to catch animals. (Read Proverbs 7:21-23.) We're the clueless animals that walk up to the trap, sniffing the bait: "Looks pretty good! What could be the harm?" Sin is deadly. God warns us about sin, not because He wants to ruin our fun. He wants to save our lives! Sin brings both physical and spiritual death. Sin will kill us and drag us into the depths of Hell. Sin brings us under God's holy judgment. Thomas Watson: "Who for a cup of pleasure will drink a sea of wrath?" You can't taste sin without swallowing Hell as well! When you sin, you're biting off more than you can chew!

Application: Hopefully, this sermon has begun to show us why sin is bad for our world, and bad for us! I beg you: don't ignore what you've heard. Sin is deceitful. Sin is disgusting. Sin is dissatisfying. Sin is damning.

Non-Christians: Flee from this forbidden fruit. Not specific sins so much as the lifestyle of sin. Don't savor the taste of sin. Spit it out of your mouth. Turn from your wicked ways. Find out what God's grace tastes like. "Taste and see that the Lord is good!" Ask God to break you from your addiction, your love for sin. Fall at the feet of Jesus; only the blood of the Crucified God can cleanse us from our sin. Only the Holy Spirit can enable us to say no to sin! Ask God to plant within your heart a hunger and thirst for His righteousness

Christians: Whenever you encounter temptation, remember with sorrow that our sins nailed our precious Savior to the cross! (Read James 4:7-10.)

In future weeks, we'll learn how we can guard against Devil's temptations to sin, and we'll learn how God's grace can forgive and free souls enslaved to sin.

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