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October 14, 2012
"In Dangerous Times, Trust God"
Read Daniel 3:1-30; 6:1-28.

When we are faced with dangerous times, how do we respond? Do we panic and complain to God or do trust God and rely upon Him to see us through the danger? In Daniel chapters 3 and 6, there are two examples of people who, in dangerous times, chose to trust God, regardless of the outcome.

First, there is the fiery furnace. 1) Read Daniel 3:1-12 to learn about three men whose faith in God was tested. 2) Read Daniel 3:13-18 to see the demonstration of their faith. 3) Read Daniel 3:19-30 to see the vindication of their faith.

Second, there is the lion's den. 1) Read Daniel 6:1-3 to learn Daniel's position in a foreign government and the favorable view of his performance in that job. 2) Read Daniel 6:4-9 to see the plot against him because of his faith in the Lord our God. 3) Read Daniel 6:10-11 for his prayer "asking God for help." 4) Read Daniel 6:12-17 to learn about his prosecution for practicing his faith against the law of the land. His punishment was that he went to the lion's den, not for doing evil but for doing good. 5) Read Daniel 6:18-28 to learn how God protected him. Note verses 23-27 for the king's reaction. 6) A lesson in faith in both of these stories is that we will always receive what is best from God.

Third, how will we respond in the face of persecution? 1) In I Peter 1:6-9, we learn that trials prove the genuineness of our faith. 2) I Peter 2:11-12 reminds us to live such good lives so that unbelievers can glorify God. 3) I Peter 2:18-25 gives us the insight that Christ suffered for us, thereby leaving us an example to suffer in dangerous times. 4) I Peter 3:13-22 helps us to see that it is better to suffer for good than for evil. 5) I Peter 4:12-19 shows us that in the face of suffering, we should commit ourselves to God and continue to do good (4:19). 6) I Peter 5:6-10 finalizes the lessons to be learned in dangerous times with the assurance that the God of all grace will make us strong, firm and steadfast (5:10).


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