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March 31, 2019
Betrayed into the Hands of Sinners

Mark 14:43-64

Intro: Mark; to recall who Jesus is, what it means to follow Him: Traveling to the Cross! As Jesus shared a meal w/His disciples, He predicted one of them would betray Him, the rest would desert Him, and Peter would deny Him. After praying in Gethsemane, Jesus alerts His sleeping disciples that His betrayer has arrived.

The Kiss! (Read Mark 14:43-46.) Judas enters the Garden, leading armed guards from the Jewish authorities. Judas has arranged a signal so that the guards arrest the right man in the darkness, w/o allowing Jesus' disciples to have time to defend Jesus: "Arrest the man I kiss." (A common greeting for a rabbi and a disciple. Judas is playing the part of a respectful disciple, even in the act of betrayal!) Judas kisses Jesus, and the guards seize Jesus. Jesus has been arrested! Everything seems to be spinning out of control!

The Chaos! (Read Mark 14:47-52.) When the guards grab Jesus, things get chaotic! One of Jesus' followers draws a sword (John tells us that it's Peter!) and cuts off the ear of the high priest's servant. Jesus rebukes the arresting crowd for treating Him like a revolutionary, but declares they are fulfilling Scripture. Jesus' disciples flee for their lives. Interesting note in v. 51-52; a young man, eluding capture by the temple guards, runs off naked. Maybe Mark himself? Jesus' disciples have deserted Him! Everything seems to be spinning out of control!

The Courtroom! (Read Mark 14:53-61a.) Jesus is brought before the Jewish authorities, (the Sanhedrin.) They are determined to come up w/evidence that will secure a death sentence that the Romans will approve. Jews must keep things legal, which is a problem, b/c their witnesses disagree! Some witnesses offer this testimony: "We heard Him say, 'I will destroy the temple!'" (Considered a capital offense), but even their testimonies are contradictory. When the high priest confronts Jesus about these testimonies, Jesus is silent. Surrounded by enemies, Jesus is on trial for His life! Everything seems to be spinning out of control!

The Confession! (Read Mark 14:61b-62.) The high priest finally asks the crucial question: "Are You the Christ, the Son of the Blessed One?" (Notice the high priest and Jesus don't mention God by name; both avoid the direct charge of blasphemy!) Jesus finally, openly declares that He is the Christ. But notice how He does so. Replaces "Christ" w/"Son of Man." Why? "Christ" in popular Jewish thought pictured a military leader/earthly king. Instead, Jesus calls Himself "the Son of Man." (A less popular Messianic title, but the more amazing, from God's point of view: "I'm the human being!") Jesus then predicts they will see Him sitting at God's right hand. Where is He when He says this? Deserted by friends, surrounded by enemies, some w/weapons; He's likely bound, on trial for His life. Nevertheless, "You will see Me sitting at God's right hand!" It seems absurd, but Jesus claims that, when He looks the most helpless, He is in control!

The Condemnation! (Read Mark 14:63-64.) The high priest has the evidence He wants. According to Jewish law, Jesus deserves death b/c He has claimed a unique relationship w/God. (Assuming Jesus isn't the Messiah, and what kind of Messiah would be helpless; He is disrespecting God's holiness.) According to Roman law, Jesus is deserving death b/c He's claimed to be the Christ. (Assuming that the Christ is a Jewish king, a rival to the Roman Caesar.) Jesus has been condemned to death! Yet, strangely, He is still in control!

The Conclusion! Natural reason sees this world's chaos, arrogance, violence, and injustice, and is forced to conclude everything is spinning out of control . But faith sees a Man deserted by friends, falsely accused by enemies, condemned to die, and recognizes that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and He is in control!

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