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March 24, 2019
Meal of Sorrow

Mark 14:17-31

Intro: Mark; to recall who Jesus is, what it means to follow Him: We're traveling to the Cross! Jesus has come to Jerusalem, knowing that He will die for His people's sins. Today, we find Jesus sharing a meal w/His disciples in the hours before before His arrest.

The Betrayal! (Read Mark 14:17-21.) Jesus and co. arrive in the upper room in Jerusalem, a comfortable place to share the Passover meal. (Reminded Jews of God delivering His people from slavery in Egypt.) While they are eating, Jesus declares that one of them will betray Him. We know that Judas will betray Jesus, (see Mark 14:10-11,) but Jesus' disciples don't know this. A time of honest self-examination, and self-doubt! They each ask, "Surely not I?" Jesus replies, "It is one of you. The Scriptures predict that I'll be betrayed; (see Psalm 41:9!) But woe to My betrayer!" ("Woe" = a proclamation of damnation; a warning to Judas!) It is haunting to think that Judas shared in the Lord's Supper, then walked away into the darkness. Application : When we come to the table, we must honestly examine our hearts. This table calls us to end any hypocritical devotion!

The Body and Blood! (Read Mark 14:22-26.) Jesus then begins to change the Passover meal! "This meal is about Me! This bread is My body. This wine is My blood, poured out for many" (predicting that His death will save others.) Jesus' reference to "the covenant" points back to Jeremiah's prediction of a New Covenant (Read Jeremiah 31:31-34.) Why did Jesus introduce the New Covenant? B/c the Old Covenant/Law of Moses was incapable of producing godly lives! Only Jesus' sacrifice can produce holy people! Jesus also predicts that this will be His last glass of wine until the Kingdom of God fully comes. When we hear this now, we can detect the note of hope; B/c of His resurrection, Jesus will drink the wine with His disciples again! But His disciples heard, "Our time is coming to an end!" Application : When we come to this table, we must remember that Jesus' death changes everything: our relationship w/God, our ability to live holy lives, our hope for the future! This table calls us to trust ourselves entirely to Jesus to save us!

The Boasting! (Read Mark 14:27-31.) Jesus now tells all His disciples they will abandon Him soon. He quotes Zechariah 13:7, identifying Himself as the Shepherd who will be struck by God, and whose His flock will scatter. Jesus promises He will be resurrected, and meet them again in Galilee. But all Peter hears is Jesus saying, "You will fall away from Me!" When Peter strongly disagrees, Jesus predicts that Peter will deny Him three times before morning. Peter boasts, "Everybody else may fall away, but I won't!" What is Peter saying? "I know better than You, Jesus! My willpower is strong enough to live and die for You!" Mark focuses on Peter's pathetic protest, but Matthew 26:35 records that the rest of the disciples said the same thing: "I will never...!" Application : When we come to this table, we must abandon any foolish thoughts that our wisdom, will power, or goodness, keeps us right w/God. This table calls us to end any self-confidence!

Conclusion: When we come to the Lord's Table, what does it say to us? This table calls us to end any hypocritical devotion! This table calls us to end any self-confidence! This table calls us to trust ourselves entirely to Jesus to save us!

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