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March 10, 2019
Wasteful or Beautiful?

Mark 14:1-11

Intro: Mark; to recall who Jesus is, what it means to follow Him. Jesus, knowing that He will die for His people's sins, rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, declaring symbolically, "I'm the Messiah." This further escalated His conflict w/the religious leaders! To start today's sermon, some news from earlier this week, Abigail Disney, the granddaughter of Roy Disney, co-founder of The Walt Disney Company with brother Walt Disney, said she thinks "CEOs in general are paid far too much...if your CEO salary is...700, 600, 500 times your median workers' pay...there is nobody on earth, Jesus Christ himself isn't worth 500 times his median workers' pay." Today, I'm not going to discuss how much CEOs should earn. But Abigail's comments raise the question: What is Jesus worth?

The Plot! (Read Mark 14:1-2.) The Jewish religious leaders meet together to plot Jesus' death. Notice their concern: Let's arrest Jesus in some sly way, secretly! They fear a riot among the people due to Jesus' popularity. During Passover, Jerusalem was packed; volatile time anyway. They likely feared that Jesus' followers would rise up against the Romans, w/the result that the Romans would slaughter many Jews and upset the semi-comfortable status quo for the Jewish leaders. Return to our opening question: What is Jesus worth? The chief priests counsel us: Jesus is not worth starting a riot over. Should we listen to them? What is Jesus worth? Is Jesus worth upsetting the status quo? Your relationship w/Jesus will impact your relationship w/family, friends, co-workers!

The Perfume! (Read Mark 14:3-9.) Jesus is in Bethany, not far from Jerusalem, in Simon the Leper's home; (Jesus must have healed Simon; otherwise, Jews wouldn't be eating there!) A woman (whom John identifies as Mary, Lazarus and Martha's sister,) brings an alabaster jar of very expensive perfume, and pours it on Jesus' head. The perfume is valued at about a year's wages. Disciples view her actions as wasteful, shameful, embarrassing! Their objection? Shouldn't the money have been given to the poor? Jesus rebukes them. Taking care of the poor is important; (v. 7 refers to Deuteronomy 15:11.) "But you will not always have Me. Don't bother this woman. She has done a beautiful thing to Me. This is a unique gift! She is preparing Me for burial!" (Smell lingered on Jesus over the next few days!) Jesus: Whenever the Gospel is preached, her part in My story will be told!" Disciples struggle: Is Jesus worth such an extravagant gift? What is Jesus worth? Financially, is Jesus worth sacrificially giving to His kingdom ? In terms of your reputation, is Jesus worth the scorn and misunderstanding you will encounter from other professing Christians? You will get criticized for being too devoted to Him!

The Price! (Read Mark 14:10-11.) One of Jesus' closest friends decides to betray Him; we're not told why. Probably b/c Jesus wasn't turning out to be the type of Messiah Judas had expected. Chief priests are delighted to work with Judas; they promise to give him money. Matthew tells us that the betrayal price was thirty silver pieces, (about four months wages.) Not a small, but not a huge amount! And as Judas keeps an eye out for an opportunity to betray his master, we ask Judas, and we ask ourselves: Is Jesus worth only thirty silver coins? What is Jesus worth? Humbling! B/c we all of us have betrayed Jesus! In fact, all of us have betrayed Jesus for less than what was paid to Judas. Devil doesn't offer us the whole world, b/c he doesn't need to! We're content w/far less! Is Jesus worth giving up the little perks of disobedience? "Do you love Me more than these?"

Application: Any Mary's here today? Who will say, "I don't care how it affects my relationship w/family, friends. I don't care what it costs me financially. I don't care what other Christians say about me. I don't care what sins I have to part with. I just want to show Jesus how much He means to me! He is so worth it !"

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