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July 9, 2017
Living a Godly Life

II Timothy 3:10-17

Intro: Studying II Timothy to be reminded of the chief tasks of a pastor, of a church. Letter Paul wrote near the end of his life to Timothy, asking his young pastor friend to visit him in Rome. Last week, learned surprising truths about the last days: The last days are now, and only the Gospel can save us! (Gospel is trusting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior from guilt and power of sin. Results in godly living; read II Timothy 1:9.) Today, answering the question, "What does a godly life look like?"

Copying Paul's Example! (Read II Timothy 3:10-13.) In II Timothy 3:1-9, Paul talked about the certain failure of the false teachers. W/start of vs. 10, "You, however..." Paul encourages Timothy, "You're not like them!" Paul calls Timothy to remember Paul's life and ministry, w/the expectation that Timothy will continue copying Paul's example. Paul: "Look at me! This is what a godly life looks like!" Paul highlights his ongoing suffering for the Gospel, (some of which Timothy would have witnessed firsthand!), yet how God has delivered him; (3:10-11.) Then he declares a troubling truth in vs. 12-13: "Everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted, while evil-doers and impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived." Suffering for Jesus is not an option! This is what a godly life looks like: Suffering for the Gospel!

Convincing Others with Consistent Living! (Read II Timothy 3:14-15.) Paul continues his encouragement by reminding Timothy how he came to faith! Paul mentions two steps in the process of Timothy coming to faith. First step involves learning! "Continue in what you have learned," (v. 14.) Second step involves that person "becoming convinced of" the truth of the Gospel, making the faith their own. May take time; requires patience! Timothy was convinced of the Gospel's truth b/c of examples of Christians. Nothing more powerful than Christians living what they're teaching. Paul: "You know those from whom you learned it," (v. 14,) his mother and grandmother; (read II Timothy 1:5.) Timothy also learned about Christ from his local church in Lystra, (see Acts 16:1), before he was instructed by Paul. Look at how many people were involved in Timothy coming to faith! This is what a godly life looks like: Sharing the Gospel!

Clinging to God's Word! (Read II Timothy 3:15-17.) Paul continues encouraging Timothy by describing the Bible's unique ability "to make (us) wise for salvation through faith in Jesus Christ," (v.15.) Where does this power for salvation come from? "All Scripture is God-breathed," (v. 16.) The Bible is inspired, "breathed" by God, therefore, absolutely trustworthy and true! ("Men do not reject the Bible because it contradicts itself, but because it contradicts them." - E. Paul Hovey.) Paul describes the Bible's "usefulness" in all areas of the Christian life: "for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness," (v. 16.) Only through study of, trust in, and obedience to the Bible will Christians be "thoroughly equipped for every good work." The Holy Spirit works in us as we interact w/the Bible; our character is conformed to Christ. This is what a godly life looks like: being shaped by the Gospel.

Application: This is what a godly life looks like: suffering for the Gospel, sharing the Gospel, and being shaped by the Gospel.

Do you believe the Gospel is worth suffering for?

Do you believe the Gospel is worth sharing with others?

Are you allowing the Gospel to shape you?

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