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February 3, 2019
The Missing Point

Mark 10:32-45

Intro: Returning to Gospel of Mark, to recall who Jesus is; what it means to follow Him. Left Mark back in August at a pivotal point. Religious leaders hostile, Jews excited, Gentiles attracted. Peter declared that Jesus is the Messiah, which was confirmed in last week's passage, w/Jesus' transfiguration. (Mark 9:1-8.) However, disciples need significant correction about what Jesus being the Messiah means: Why would Jesus say that He, as the Messiah, will suffer and die? This morning, Jesus answers that question!

The Scary Prophecy! (Read Mark 10:32a.) Jesus has decided to travel to Jerusalem. Disciples and others following Him are astonished and afraid, b/c they know that the Jewish leaders are hostile to Jesus; does Jesus understand the coming confrontation? Jesus pulls His disciples aside and offers the clearest, scariest prediction of what is awaiting Him in Jerusalem. (Read Mark 10:32b-34.) If the disciples do understand Jesus, what He says does not console them! If Jesus knows He's going to be killed, why is He willingly traveling to Jerusalem?

The Selfish Proposal! (Read Mark 10:35-40.) Obvious that disciples don't understand Jesus' prediction about His death; James and John have a request: We want to be the closest ones to You when You're ruling! (Have a sense of the incredible glory; they had witnessed the Transfiguration! Operating w/an "Obvious Kingdom Now!" point of view. Notice, they exclude Peter, the other "closest" disciple!) Jesus: "Can you drink the cup I drink? Can you be baptized w/My baptism?" (Pictures of His upcoming death.) Since they don't understand, "Sure!" they reply. Jesus answers His Father will assign the places of honor in His Kingdom; James and John will share in His sufferings. Still haven't answered, if Jesus knows He's going to be killed, why is He willingly traveling to Jerusalem?

The Servant's Promotion! (Read Mark 10:41.) Other disciples get upset w/James and John for trying to secure the best positions in the Jesus's coming kingdom. Jesus takes this moment to correct the disciples' understanding of what His kingdom is like. (Read Mark 10:42-44.) World's leaders expect to be served. But the greatest in Christ's kingdom are servants and slaves! Shocking statement emphasizes that Christ's kingdom will look like nothing the disciples expect. B/c His Kingdom's values are different, Jesus has a different agenda than anything His disciples can imagine! A hint here of why Jesus is willingly traveling to Jerusalem, even though He knows He's going to be killed!

The Suffering's Purpose! (Read Mark 10:45.) Jesus finally explains why He is willing to travel to Jerusalem, why He is willing to die. The whole orientation of His life is opposed to this world's value system: 1) Son of Man (Messiah) didn't come to be served, but to serve! (How humble, tender, gracious!) 2) He came to give His life as a ransom for many. Ransom? Today, payment for a kidnap victim. Then, payment to free a person from slavery. Slavery? From sin! Jesus willingly came to Jerusalem, He willingly came into the world, knowing He was going to be killed! Why? To serve us, to pay the price to free us from our slavery to sin!

Application : Jesus willingly went to the Cross to free us from our slavery to sin! Three different places you might be standing in terms of applying this Scripture:

First, you may not understand why Jesus died. Not a tragic mistake of history; Jesus, motivated by His love, went to the Cross willingly, to save sinners.

Second, you may understand why Jesus died, but you haven't personally received Him. He is so very patient w/His people, but isn't it time?

Third, you may have received Christ, but you aren't living His kingdom's values: Are you delighted to serve Him and others? Sacrificial, other-focused!

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